kayman-new-picThe Law Offices of Gershon Kayman

Expert in Real Estate Transactions both in the United States and Israel

Everyone knows how difficult it can be to perform a real estate transaction from overseas. Besides for the language and cultural barriers that exist, there are also vast differences between the laws, closing customs, tax ramifications, banking regulations and financing options within countries that are at the opposite side of the world from each other.

Being represented by an attorney who understands both the client’s needs and point of view as well as the language, laws and customs of the foreign country where the real estate being acquired or sold is located, is a real added value to ensuring a smooth real estate transaction.

Whether you are a US citizen planning to buy real estate in Israel or an Israeli citizen interested in buying real estate in the United States, the law offices of Gershon Kayman  can be of great assistance to you throughout every step of the process. We are proficient in English and in Hebrew and are very familiar with the laws and closing customs of both countries.

Upon graduation from Touro College with a degree in Finance, magna cum laude, Gershon Kayman attended and graduated Brooklyn Law School after which he was admitted to the New York and New Jersey Bars. He has since embarked on a 15 year legal career with a focus on real estate and finance. After spending a decade with the law firm of N.C. Caller, P.C., one of the busiest boutique real estate law firms in Brooklyn, NY, Gershon Kayman was successfully admitted to the Israeli bar as well. He has since opened his own independent law practice which offers a full spectrum of real estate related legal representation both in New York and in Israel.

Gershon Kayman has closed hundreds of commercial and residential real estate deals in his tenure, has co-founded a real estate bridge loan facility and has vast experience in overseas banking transactions , real estate development, AML regulations and foreign currency hedging.

However complex your real estate transaction seems to you, it is the goal of the law offices of Gershon Kayman to offer you the highest level of service and protections available from start to finish. We are proud to have serviced many satisfied US and Israeli clients over the years and would be delighted to provide references upon request. We look forward to working with you, meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations.